Freelance Graphic Artist available for Custom Fantasy Game Art & Designs

Custom Graphic Art, Fantasy Illustration for Music, Book Covers and DnD, Dragons, Monsters, Creatures and Game Design by Putridus Cor in Abysm Internal

Updated November 21st, 2023

Available on December 2023!


If you are looking for a reliable and flexible Graphic Artist for a short project or to work with your long term project or small company on an ongoing, part-time basis, you have found the right page!

I'm a professionally formed illustrator and designer, with several years of freelance experience working in a myriad different projects with customers from a variety of countries.

My main focus are Graphic Art and Design, Freehand Digital Painting, Vector Art, Fantasy Illustration (often for games and covers), and Emblem Logo Design, specially Coat of Arms and Family Crests.

You offer my dream job, if you are looking for:
• Celtic or Norse knotwork, or similar intricate designs.
• Bold and flashy graphics for a nightclub or similar entertainment venue social media.
• Vibrant, complex and illustrative packaging designs, such as often seen in alcohol packages.


These are real projects I've worked on:

• Mobile Video Game Art
• Board Game Art
• Fantasy Illustrations
• Creature, Monster and Character Concept Art
• Music Album and Book Cover Art
• A variety of logos
• Seamless Patterns
• Tattoo Designs
• Norse and Celtic Knot work
• Artwork for POD products
• Social Media images for nightclubs
• Image and Photo manipulation
• Custom Commissions

Additionally, I posses the, skills, technical and Graphic Design knowledge to:

• Create pictorial or symbol logos and 3D logos
• Create package design, flyers, book covers, album covers and posters.
• Create or manipulate typography for logos and titles.

Software and Media:

• Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (over 15 years of experience)
• Previous experience modelling 3D with Maya and sculpting with Blender
• Pencil and pen sketching
• Chinese style inks and painting


Education & Testimonials

Additionally to drawing and painting since a young age, I attended Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design for 2 years for Concept Art for Animation and Video Games, and Graduated in OCAD with a Bachelor of Design - Illustration in 2014, both in Toronto, Canada.

I have consistently received 5 star ratings from satisfied clients across all my platforms, as well as maintained amazing long term work relationships with three clients.

See some of my reviews in my Upwork (needs to sign up to see) and PeoplePerHour, Etsy reviews are included on my listings below.

If you are interested in working with me please contact me directly, or visit these two listings to learn more details about my specialized design or painting services.

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Fantasy Art illustrations made by Putridus Cor Coat of Arms designs and Family Crests made by Putridus Cor Custom Graphic Art for Games, Nightclubs, Entertainment and Social Media, by Putridus Cor

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