How does it work?

It usually goes like this:

1. You contact me with your briefing and image references, anything that serves as inspiration or that can help me understand your vision.

2. I make some questions, give you a quote, and if agreed you are placed on my queue.

3. Once is your turn, the work should be paid, or at minimum an initial deposit. Usually through Paypal, but we can also use Escrow services.

4. I then start the sketching, which may or may not involve some back and forth with you for feedback, how much highly depends on each individual project.

5. I’ll show you a final sketch, should you approve it I start the final work, no major changes should be requested after this point and generally no further feedback is required until the final work is done.

6. Once the work is done I’ll show you a preview, you would then clear any final payments and I will deliver the work via a Dropbox or Google Drive link.

Art & Design Prices

Every project is unique and there is no one-size-fits all approach, therefore fees can range widely depending on the project. My fees take in account:

• Amount of elements, characters, clothes, lettering, detail, etc that are involved.
• Style
• Amount of versions required.
• Overall complexity.
• Estimate amount of time that the sketching, communications, painting and possible revisions may take.
• Usage

As general examples: a full color Illustration with 1-2 living beings will be around $500 USD, while full color Coat of Arms or other intricate designs may start at $600 USD.


Time completely depends on my current schedule, please contact to have a better estimate.

Once I start, how long it takes depends on the complexity of the artwork, all the way from a few days to about a month.

Generally (but not always), the waiting list is 2-4 weeks, and the work can be ready within 2-4 weeks.

Best way to know is to contact me.

Payment & Safety

We all agree that when conducting business or purchasing online, safety for both the client and artist is a first concern.

Payments can be processed through this website, or Paypal, which offers Purchase Protection.

Additionally, if you are more comfortable with this option, we can use an escrow platform such as, Upwork, or PPH, (these services act as middlemen, withholding transactions until the work is done and you approve it).

For my safety, please note that for one time or short projects I will start work only after: A. The full payment has been made.
B. A first deposit has been made, or.
C. The payment has been placed in an escrow.

Terms of Service & Policies

• For security reasons, work will be started only after the work has been paid in full, or if divided in stages, a first deposit.

• You can cancel and receive a full refund (minus transaction fees) ONLY if I haven't started the work.

• You can cancel and receive a partial refund (minus transaction fees) calculated on the amount of work I've done so far.

• This work is entirely custom made for you, therefore I can't accept returns or any type of refunds once it has been completed and/or delivered.

• BUT if for any reason you are unhappy with your order, please talk to me to see what can I do. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you are happy with the work.

• The general aspect of the final work is determined during the sketching. Any changes requested after the sketch is approved or the work finished is considered a revision, if this extra work starts to significantly exceed the budget/time allocated to the project, extra fees may need to be charged.

• I have a schedule to follow, clients that after me requesting feedback remain unresponsive for several days in a row and do this multiple times may be moved back on the queue.

• I reserve the right to display the resulting artwork on my personal portfolios, this is crucial to the continuity of my career as an artist, if required, blurring of certain details can be an option.

Process of making a Gothic Coat of Arms Design, Halloween inspired, by Putridus Cor
Process of making a Coat of Arms Design, with a Phoenix and a Dragon, by Putridus Cor
Process of making a Coat of Arms Design, personalized with cats, by Putridus Cor
Process of making a Coat of Arms Design, with Viking or Nordic elements, by Putridus Cor
Process of making a Graphic Art and Design, Zodiac, by Putridus Cor
Process of making Sketches for Illustrations of Dragons and wizard, by Putridus Cor

Several Art Styles to Choose from

For Illustration:

• Full digital paintings in Color or Black & White.

• With or without background.

• Vectors with linework and shades.

• Photo-manipulation.

• Chinese style painting

For Coat of Arms:

• Black & White Linework or solid (Vectors).

• Color, with or without shades (Vectors).

• Full Color. Painted, artistic result. (Only PNG).

• 3D. Flat (OBJ and PNG render).

• 3D. Full model (OBJ and PNG renders)

8+ Years of Experience

....officially worning as an illustrator and designer!

8 years of formal training in Design, Concept Art & Illustration,

20 years if we count painting,

30 years if we count drawing!

Painting Process

Abysm Internal - Fire Dragon for Custom Art Video Thumb


Contact Me for a Quote!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Omar M.

I mean the knowledge and professionalism is the best I've come across in ages. He has helped me throughout the whole process and didn't miss a step. I felt sure with each addition to my family crest and knew by time we reached the end it would be my greatest purchase ever.

Samantha L.
I contacted Aidan to create a custom coat...

I contacted Aidan to create a custom coat of arms for my husband as a Father's Day gift. His customer service skills are top notch. He communicated clearly and left zero room for confusion regarding the process and time frame for completion. When my piece was complete it far exceeded my expectations. I gave my husband his gift early and he is absolutely in love with it. 10/10 would recommend this shop.

Katinkabelle C.
After seeing the quality work from Abysmit...

After seeing the quality work from Abysmiternal's Family Crest pieces, I ordered some custom to make our crest uniquely ours. Beautiful work, done in a reasonable amount of time for original artwork. Couldn't be happier.