Last Updated June 2nd, 2022

Behind the Screen

Everything on this shop is illustrated and/or designed by this freak, my designs only exist under my shop name Abysm Internal and in PutridusCor online portfolios. If you see my artwork being sold somewhere else it is theft, please send me a quit note, I'll burn them to the ground, and add them to the Wall of Shame!

Abysm Internal & Putridus Cor

Abysm Internal refers to the turmoil inside us, it can be overwhelmingly beautiful or devastatingly dark, and like a mythological beast it always threatens to consume us, it gets a bite out of us, but somehow, or ideally, we strive and move forward.

'Putridus Cor' has been my artist nickname since I started painting and drawing seriously at 15, it means rotten heart in Latin. Since then I've branched into more colorful styles, but grew so fond of the name that can't let it fade.

Abysm Internal - Gothic and Fantasy Art Print Styles

Short History

I always had a love for the darkness, dragons, mythology about hell and demons, and later on the beautiful Gothic culture, I'm also a fan of Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, other mythologies, and cultures, the world and so on.

Although I've been drawing since I could hold a pen, this fascination for stories and aesthetics pushed me to become an illustration and designer, graduate as such, and work freelance up to this day.

I started what became a moderately successful Etsy shop in late 2018, which was then arbitrarily closed by them in June 2021 due to still unclear reasons. This website came to life right after.

The Artwork

In this shop you will notice two types of artwork, all made or assembled by me:

• Full Illustrations.
• Centre-piece designs: Made of a combination of my own work and purchased-then-altered graphic resources for the background. **

Each artwork or design usually takes me 2-4 weeks full-time to create, not counting color variations. I occasionally also use altered public domain and royalty free pictures for textures.

Once the designs are completed, I manually fit them to each template of each product, once you buy them, third-party partners print and sew the products by hand, and ship them for me, they are located in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latvia.

** Only exception being the old "vintage Medusa" which uses an old design for the center.

* NOT made with AI *

As simple as that.I'm a real person, with a real education and training, and no artwork on this website or my portfolio has been generated by AI.

AI generated images are fun to make and give an outlet to people who did not spend the years training to draw, but let's not forget who the machines are learning from, or taking their data from :)

This page exists because of you!

New stuff coming up every so often! I'm thrilled to continue this store, continue exploring topics, making new designs, and get better at it!

Every Like, Favorite, message, comment, purchase and/or review I've received has been a stepping stone forward, and it means the world, any type of artist is no one without the audience that makes their work possible.