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About this Shop

Who makes the Art

Every artwork is made by Illustrator and Designer 'Putridus Cor’. Lover of stories from around the world, myths and many urban subcultures.

You can see more on the About section.

All art and designs belong to the artist and to Abysm Internal and no one else has permission to use them.

High quality prints are only available on this shop, as well as my shops in Redbubble, Storenvy and Rebelsmarket, and my Social Media pages in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you see my artwork ANYWHERE else, it was stolen, and you will certainly receive a blurry or pixelated print.

Do you use Ai to make the art you sell?


I’ve spent all my life drawing and painting.

Including 4 years combined of private school programs of Graphic Design & Illustration and Concept Art for Video games, and 4 more in graduating with a Bachelor in Design - Illustration in university.

Plus I’ve been using Photoshop and Illustration for almost two decades.

So no, rest assured that the art you see is made by me, from scratch. Some designs in the Artwork section contain sketches and videos.

The price and benefits of Handmade products Made On Demand

All items on this shop are made one by one freshly for you the moment you order, by trusted printing partners. Each one is printed, then sublimated onto fabric with a hot press, and when applicable sewn by hand piece by piece.

Materials are sourced from different parts of the world, the printers are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latvia (see each product for specific information).

Because of wholesale and mass production, each year tons of unsold products end up wasted or in the garbage. Even if the cost is a little higher, I believe that products made on demand should be the new normal, specially in the clothing industry. By purchasing Made on Demand products you are buying something extremely durable, and discouraging mass production, which generates untold tons of garbage every year.


Where does Abysm ship from?

Depending on the customer's location, the product, and/or the printer's stock and algorithm, these are the locations:

Clothing, mugs, pillows, all bags, neck gaiters, beach towels and tapestries/soft blankets, posters*: are printed and shipped from: Charlotte, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Tijuana, Mexico or Riga, Latvia, Europe.

*Posters may also ship from Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Curtains, Shower Curtains, Bath Mats, Bedding Sets & Sherpa Fleece Blankets are printed and shipped from NC, USA.

Kimonos are printed and sewn in Montreal, Canada, but shipped from New York state, USA.

All orders have tracking.

Estimated process times

All orders have tracking.

Depending on the item orders are usually made and are ready to ship within 2-6 business days. Except kimonos which are usually ready within 8-18 business days.

During high shopping season, holidays or important festivities the average may increase by 6-10 business days.

Once the order has shipped, they may take the following times to reach you, please note this is an estimation:
● USA: 3–6 business days
● Canada: 6–14 business days
● Europe: 6–14 business days
● Australia: 10–14 business days
● International: 10–20 business days, or more depending on your country's local Customs and shipping carriers.


Express shipping is available for some products, usually only within the United States. But please note that Express Shipping applies only to the shipping time, not the production time, my printer partners may slightly bump the item up the production queue, but this is not a guarantee, especially during holidays.

Tracking, fees and carriers

All Shipping offered at the moment is standard, everything includes tracking.

For some products, express shipping is available.

The usual carriers are USPS, DHL, and UPS, sometimes FedEx Ground Delivery.

All products have Free Shipping for the United States.

For Canada the following products also have Free Shipping: Hoodies, Kimonos, Neck Gaiters, Tapestries, Pillows and Beach Towels.


NOTE: If a carrier fails to deliver your product to you (i.e. it was too big for your mailbox), they may leave a note for you to pick it up, if you fail to pick it up it will be sent back to the printer, this journey back can take ages and is best to avoid this happening in the first place. If this happens and you want to have it re-sent, you will need to pay the re-shipping cost, otherwise refunds are not possible for this type of issue.

International Shipping & Customs

International shipments may incur on local taxes, customs fees or sometimes other unexpected situations over which I or my printing partners have no power.

For each country the situation with customs is different, and we have no way to know about, or be responsible for any of these cases.

An item may be "held" at customs for reasons of their own or until you pay them taxes or an extra fee, if you don't pick it up on time, it may be sent back to the printer, this journey back can take ages and is best to avoid this happening in the first place.

If this happens and you want to have it re-sent, you will need to pay the re-shipping cost, otherwise refunds are not possible for this type of issue.

This "hold" status should be visible on your tracking page and is your responsibility to watch out for it.

Shipping to Europe, the UK and EFTA

Now this is an ugly can of worms.

Please refer to this specialized FAQ.

Regarding EFTA: EFTA countries charge outrageous particularly taxes to my printers (and by extension me) when shipping there, these fees are reflected on the shipping.

Issues with an Order

Order never arrived or Lost-in-Transit

Sometimes tracking goes weird, every once in a while, a carrier loses the package. In most cases you should first contact the carrier directly with your tracking number, if things are still weird or the package seems lost then please contact me.

Provided that the address was correct, that the tracking doesn't show as delivered and it seems lost for good you will get a new print at no cost!*

Just get in touch with me with your order number! :)

Note that sometimes it has happened with USPS that a package is marked as "delivered" (but it wasn't), then magically does shows up days later.

*(Note that in some cases we may have to wait 30 biz days since the estimated delivery date in order to reprint)

Misprinted / Damaged / Defective / Wrong item

If the item is misprinted, damaged, defective, or had the wrong design, provide a picture and you will receive a new item at no cost!

In the event of these issues, I may be able to issue a refund in some cases, depending on the product, but this has to be seen in a case by case basis.

Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 30 days (10 days for kimonos) after the tracking shows that the product was delivered, please be sure to take clear pictures of the problem/s and send them to me through email: along with your order id.

Returns and Exchanges

Because every item is made to order and other physical and financial factors I'm unable to accept returns or exchanges, or issue refunds in these cases.

I do my best to represent the item as well as possible in both images and description, and the quality is that awesome in real life! But unfortunately 100% accuracy is not possible, specially regarding exact colors and exact cropping of the design at the edges, these are not considered faults.


Cancellations (with refund) may be possible if the product has not been sent into production, for best chances cancellations should be requested within 6 hours of your order (not taking in account my sleeping hours), and still there is no guarantee it can be stopped, as orders can become "locked" into the production line at any time, in this event there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

In the event of a cancellation being successful, the refund shouldn't take more than 10 business days to be processed and to appear back in the customer's account.

Contact me here with your order id or name.

Refunds: When are they Possible

A refund is possible in the event of a misprinted, damaged, defective order, the wrong email being sent by mistake, or the package having been lost in the mail.

Please contact me with your tracking number at, and depending on the case please include clear pictures of the problem.


Other common Questions and Answers

Will you add me to a Newsletter without my consent?

No. We hate spam, I'll never add you automatically, if you want to find out about Abysm Internal's new designs and products, max twice a month, if interested please sign up at the bottom of the page.

"Will these prints fade?" "What are the care instructions?"

Most products in life will suffer wear with constant use, that said I've found sublimated home products or accessories to be extremely durable, it is even a little scary, I have a tote bag that got as a sample more than three years ago, I use it often, and it still looks and feels like the day it arrived.

Unfortunately clothing items (hoodies, neck gaiters, and kimonos) use more delicate fabrics and if you use them often and don't protect them from strong rubbing the fabric and print will wear .

The specific care instructions for each product are included in the description, but the general rule of thumb is to NEVER use bleach, and avoid high temperatures, for clothing, try to turn them inside out to protect the printed part from friction inside the washing machine

"Can you ship my package as a gift?"

I cannot have the products wrapped as gifts or add personalized notes (with a few exceptions*), but you can surely put the address of your intended recipient instead of yours! You will be asked for your billing information separately.

*For the United States, it is possible to include a personalized note on the shipping package for the following products:

Hoodies, Neck Gaiters, Throw Pillows, Tapestries, Beach Towels, Posters, Mugs, Bags, Backpacks and all-over Tshirts.

"Do you offer more sizes / can you alter the product? / make the back side black?"

Believe me I wish I was able to, but unfortunately not.

But I'm only the designer/illustrator/image maker/artist. I only make and control the artwork, and rely on third party printing partners to the print and sew my products one by one and ship them to you, I have no direct power over the product itself.

Thus, if you don't see the size you are looking for on the drop menu of a product or anywhere on the description of the listing, then we don't offer it at this moment.

"Now you have a sale! can you refund me the difference for the item I purchased 3 weeks prior to the sale starting?"

Yes, I was asked this before. No, unfortunately that is not how sales work.

Sometimes we miss sales from shops we like, because we cannot be everywhere or know everything at the same time, and sadly that is life, but if you are really looking for one, dates close to the biggest holidays are the most common times to have one!

Do look out for the next sales on Abysm’s social media!