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Welcome to the Abysm

Abysm Internal and its logo refers to the turmoil inside us, it can be overwhelmingly beautiful or devastatingly dark, and like a mythological beast it always threatens to consume us, it gets a bite out of us, but somehow, or ideally, we strive and move forward.

Here you will find creatures, symbols and motifs from different mythologies, cultures or famous stories, mixed with the coolest genres of our times, most notably Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, Steampunk, Psy, and "Harajuku" style color palettes.

Get an awesome art print for decorating your home, or making an unforgettable gift for your friends or family!

Enjoy browsing!

These awesome customers have spoken!


01/22/21 - Andrew F

Gothic Bedding Set, Goth Hell, Satanic Decor

"Awesome.. mom was jealous of the bedding set quality despite her disagreeing with my choice in style! She said she would definitely want one of her own in a solid color. It's really a design you won't see every day and is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!!"


03/27/21 - Edgar H.

Fox Hoodie, Anime, Japanese Streetwear, Unisex - Kitsune Mask, Black and White

"Love the hoodie!!😍😍 Only down side to it is, the cuffs aren't elastic enough to roll up the sleeves. those of you with big forearms will have a hard time rolling them up. I definitely love everything about this hoodie😁😁"


02/18/21 - Anthony G.

Gothic Window Curtains, Octopus Art, Horror Decor - Grey

"Quite possibly one of the best purchases I have ever made, These curtains are absolutely stunning in print and quality can't recommend enough, No issues with getting to the Uk and customer service was excellent."