Complete Catalog of Designs

Complete Catalog of Designs - Abysm Internal

Use this guide to quickly see all designs available and know the "code names" for finding them specifically when using the 'Search' function (inside the menu on mobile).

Catalog of designs by Abysm Internal

How to search for a specific product:

  • Search by Artwork names as given above. For example: Medusa + Pastel Goth
  • By product: Bedding, Pillow, Window (Curtain), Shower (Curtain), Fleece (Blanket), Tapestry, Hoodie, Neck Gaiters, Beach (Towel) or Poster.
  • You can also exclude words with "-".
  • Additionally, when browsing collections you can use the Filter function.

Example 1: Search: "Bloody Goth Shower".

Example 2: Search: "Medusa Pastel Goth Bedding -Skull".

Example 3: Go to Shop -> By Product -> Bedding Sets, then Filter by: "Octopus" or "Pastel Goth".


If you want to know more about the designs

In the section "Artwork" in the menu you can see more details about each design, including some background history, inspiration and process.

Thank you for visiting!

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