Shipping to Europe and the UK


  • You won't be charged VAT on this shop (for now), but that means higher prices included on the shipping fees. This is why.
  • These products will ship as normal: Bedding Sets, all Curtains and Fleece Blankets. More info.
  • Everything else will require you to pay VAT and possibly extra local handling fees on arrival. More info.
  • As hassle-free alternative, you can order from my Redbubble shop instead. More info.
  • Why is shipping to Europe expensive and complicated? See here.


1. Why no VAT

I'm not registered to collect it, but in all instances I have to pay for it to my printers for their services and unfortunately the rate is much higher than in the US, therefore I can only make things work by increasing the shipping fee for European customers. :(


2. The following items should ship and arrive without issues or needing to pay extra fees:

Bedding Sets, Window Curtains, Shower Curtains, and Fleece Blankets.

These total shipping fees range from approximately 20€ to 38€. Transit can take a few weeks as these items only ship from the US.

In the off-chance you are overcharged (i.e. you bought only a Twin Duvet Cover so the shipping ended up too high) I will refund you the extra.

Please note it's your responsibility to always keep an eye on the tracking.  upon arrival there were any issues and you were charged again by customs, please contact me.


3. WARNING*** For the following items you will be required to pay VAT for it at some point, plus possible extra fees:

Hoodies, Neck Gaiters, Throw Pillows, Tapestries, Beach Towels, Posters, Mugs, Bags, Backpacks and all-over Tshirts.

These total shipping fees on the shop range from approximately 4€ to 12€. With few exceptions all of these items will ship from Latvia, Europe.

Then once they are shipped, at some point on the product's journey you WILL be required to pay VAT for it, and possibly hefty "local handling fees", the payment may be requested from your postal service, or it may be held at customs until you pay.

In one instance, someone had to pay approximately 60% of the price of the item (their purchase was under 100€, they had to pay 58€ total for VAT and local handling fees)

Please note that if the item is held at customs this will cause it to be delayed and that it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the tracking. I can't be responsible or issue refunds if the order is not picked up at customs or postal offices and returned to the sender for any reason.


4. Alternative:

You can still find most of these products on my RedBubble page, and it may be faster and more affordable, with no VAT uncertainties. I just can't speak for the quality as they have their own printers.

I apologize that this is the state of things for now, but I'll try to remedy this situation as soon as I can.


5. Why do I have to charge that much more?

Short answer: bureaucracy.

The world is becoming more and more difficult if not impossible for people with very few resources trying to even start out.

The European Union introduced some new VAT rules for e-commerce, effective July 21st, 2021.

The only best way for business like mine is to register for an IOSS number so I can collect taxes from you directly, in this way you would get your order without surprise fees or delays.

But for the time being I cannot register for his IOSS number myself as I'm not based in the EU, I'd have to appoint a "VAT intermediary", and currently, all services I can find would charge over €500 just for the registration alone, not something I can do yet. I will try to remedy this as soon as I can.


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