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► No waste policy → Each product is made to order, printed and sewn by hand just for you

► Durable → A little pricey, but these are high quality prints and materials that will last for years!

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Artists and entertainers of any kind are nothing without the people that support us!

Every review gives warmth and pushes me forward!

About Abysm Internal and the Designer

From the mind of a freak-ish, nomad, multi-cultural and active designer.

Abysm Internal started somewhere around 2018 with an Etsy shop, and have since have the joy to welcome thousands of customers and created over 200 unique designs.

Looking forward to creating many more!

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All Artwork displayed is made by and belongs to Abysm Internal. Mockups are used with their respective licenses. Icons made by Freepik, Octopocto, and IwitoStudio from Flaticon.