SHAME!!! - Abysm Internal

They come from Amazon, they come from Ebay, they come from Etsy and they've even opened their own websites.

A dedicated corner for the filth of netizen society, those nasty sh*ty thieves who took my designs and tried to sell them in their Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and even personal shops. May there be a cold cold place in the ninth circle of hell for them. Amen! 😈

What about they spend a lifetime learning how to draw, then more years stuck to the computer creating content, breaking their backs, hands and eyes? Screw them!

This is why I have to plaster everything with watermarks now.

Shame! SHAME!!!

Etsy ThiefEtsy ThiefEtsy King of ThievesEtsy ThiefEtsy Thief
Art thieves

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