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Abysm Internal is and indie brand and online shop that sells fantasy art prints, alternative home decor and clothing, all products are handmade and to order.

The designs often combine styles such as Gothic, Horror, Aesthetic Pastel, Steampunk and eclectic, and mythological motifs or animals such as dragons, Medusa, kitsune, skulls, demons spiders, octopus, viking art and much more.

The tapestries and pillows are excellent for decorating the game room, coffee shops, hostel, tattoo parlor or other types of fun businesses, and everything else makes an unforgettable gift!

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As an independent brand, I strive to make my designs more and more interesting and intricate, all products the are made to order, so there is no waste. The items for the home are made of durable materials and inks that last for years. The apparel items are a tad more delicate, but they are soft and vibrant.

If you are looking for a specific design you can use the 🔍 Search function! ↗

Or see this post for a full catalog!

In the Artwork section you can see all the designs made to date, each post contains the different color styles available as well as well as their story, inspiration, and sometimes sketches and videos of their creation.

This post contains all the designs in a single spreadsheet.

I love stories, I take inspiration from fantastic creatures, characters and symbols from world folk stories and mythologies. I combine all this for my love for some urban subcultures, namely Gothic and its derivatives, Horror, Steampunk, and Harajuku Pastel.

I can't wait to expand on the topics and color schemes!

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