Devil's Eyes

Devil's Eyes - Abysm Internal

When it comes to the Devil, I love focusing on the version of the story where he is simply punished and banished because of wanting Freedom, his rage, his indignation and his irreverence.

Western stories need better plots about the Devil, the manga/anime Black Butler, comedy aside, did a terrific job, not a simple beast, but a powerful, sentient pre-human, or as the series 'Penny Dreadful' put it on a dialogue that made my heart melt: "... If you have been touched by the demon, it's like being touched by the back hand of God. Makes you sacred in a way, doesn't it? Makes you unique, with a kind of glory. ...". Aye!

The Devil prints can be found here, and a new, better version is due soon.

As for the demons, click below for each poster.

Lucifer's Intense Look

Black Butler's Sebastian Fan Art

Art thieves are at large

My illustrations, designs and even mockups are constantly being stolen by less than human scum that put it for sale on their Etsy, Amazon, Temu, Aliexpress shops and other places. Hence my watermarks are getting bigger, because they have even cut my mockups or blurred my signatures.

Please help me by not posting my artwork anywhere without signatures, credit or links.

Thank you! 🖤

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