Cycle - Abysm Internal

As a fan and lover of the entire subjects of Ecology and Biology, I attempted to express a glimpse of the cycle, in this case our transition from life to death, from death back to the universe, and from the universe back into other lives.

Remember, everything you are, every molecule you hold in your body is not only "new", integrated into you from the food you eat, but they have also been recycled innumerable times by an innumerable amount of life forms from the beginnings of life on this Earth, and the collision of space dust long before that. When we die, the elements and molecules that our body holds at that moment will be again consumed, and dispersed into our planet to give life to others, and later on onto the universe again. And our precious legacy, the blue print that holds our bodies together and reproducing, our DNA? a treasure that took millions of years to mold and "perfect". It's a beautiful cosmic dance, and an invaluable life.

That was the inspiration behind this piece... but I showed it to a Yoga-type of person once and she was horrified, why?? 😥😅

Find it here.

Cycle of Life and Death

Process & Sketches:

The Making of Cycle

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