Lilith - Abysm Internal

Lilith's story is old, and carries many tittles: first woman, Fallen Angel, succubus, and mother of all vampires.

She is one of the oldest and most famous Christian stories is that at the beginning of the world, God first created a man named Adam, and then created Eve using one of Adam's ribs.

But there is another version: In the beginning, God created two people from the same dust named Lilith and Adam. One day Adam tried to subdue Lilith, but she resisted, thinking that the two of them were equal. God punished Lilith and banished her from heaven. Then he decided to take one of Adam’s ribs to create a weak Eve. The current men and women are descended from them.

Yeah, it seems like it.

The original version is 'nude', as is supposed to be, and I made other two: 'semi-nude' and 'clothed', you can find them all here.

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