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One of my favorite cultural symbols out there, this is the story:

It originated in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan and originally drawn after the likeness of Boddhidharma, the contemporary Daruma doll is a goal setting and lucky charm.

When you first acquire a Daruma doll, both eyes are blank, once you make a wish or set on a goal you paint the left eye. Once the goal is reached or the wish granted, you’d paint the other eye. Therefore making a wish upon receiving this goodie and painting the other eye once it’s realized is strongly encouraged!

Following are the Kanji characters and their meaning.

Traditional ones:
  • Red: These are two of the most popular ones: “福” (fuku) which wishes for good luck and fortune, for every day life. And 必勝" (hisshō): "must-win" or certain victory; for study, business or sports 
  • Gold: The second most popular one, "金” (kin: gold) indicates, is specific to money related goals and wishes.
1000% NOT traditional, but my funny or creepy spin offs, for fun:
  • Goth ones: "暗黒" (ankoku) means darkness.
  • Demon/monster one: "悪鬼" (Akki) means Devil. 
  • Harajuku, Kawaii: The Kanji word "愉快" (yukai) means: pleasant; delightful; enjoyable; joyful; cheerful; amusing; happy​.
  • Steampunk: "蒸気" (Jōki) means steam. 
Abysm Internal - Daruma Designs

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